Yay! So happy to show you my new website. The old one was rusty, slow and not everything was working as it should. So, time for a huge spring cleaning.

Also I’m very excited to share with you my new logo, designed by JJIllustrates. It’s happy and fun and exactly as I wanted it to be. She also designed a whole branding package to go with it. With awesome patterns, fonts and colors to give Sugaridoo a whole new look. I love it!

Gradually you will see my new branding shine through in my blog posts, my patterns, YouTube videos and my Instagram.


Letting someone design a new logo and branding for me was so exciting. Also pretty scary at first. How can I explain what I would want, what if I don’t like a design, how do I put my branding idea in words? But there was no need to worry at all. JJ makes the whole process feel very easy and smooth.

I really did feel that she listened to what I wanted and changed things until I was completely happy. Thank you so much JJ for creating a new design for my brand!

Fabrics are coming

The website isn’t completely finished yet. But since a website is such a never ending work in progress, I decided to just put it live a continue working on it from there.

So what can you expect to be added soon? Well first of all fabrics! My old website was in Dutch and English, that turned out to be quite a lot of translation work. So a lot of fabrics just never made it in to my webshop, or made it to the Dutch site and not to the English site and the other way around.

Now there is just one language to manage. Over the next week I’m adding all my fabrics to the shop. Especially in this time where so many of us have to stay home, it’s nice to have the option of fabric being delivered to your doormat right?


Also new blog posts will be coming. I found that writing works really well for me these days. Whether it’s in my journal or on my laptop. It’s so nice to put my thoughts in to words. It slows down my thinking. Even though I started a course to learn to type blind, I just can’t type as fast as I’m thinking. So when I’m writing I can take the time to look at my thoughts which helps to let them be and let them go.


To let you know what is happening on the site, when I write a new post, when a new pattern is out or when new products have been added to the shop, I’m sending out a newsletter every now and then.

Don’t expect an email from me everyday. I’m bursting with new ideas, but let’s keep thing real, I won’t be rolling them out all at once ;) So I think the newsletter will be more like a bi-weekly thing. Sound good? Leave you’re email address down below!


I love FAQ’s on websites. When you have a general questions it’s very likely that it’s already asked by someone else. So I’m sharing the most asked (and some not so frequently asked, but just funny) questions in my Frequently Asked Questions page.

This page is a work in progress, so if you have a question which is not answered over there? Use the contact form to ask it!

New quilt pattern

Now the new site is live I’ll try to finish the free pattern for these bees soon. I’m also drawing up a new quilt pattern. Super exciting, I’ll share more about it soon.

That’s it for now!

Take care, stay safe.

With love,

Ps. if you’re wondering what is going to happen to the crochet part of Sugaridoo, I’ll write another post on that next week. It’ll be about following your passion and that it’s ok to change your mind. xo

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  1. Just discovered you and your YouTube videos and now your website….you are a delight! You have such a fun and positive energy :) Best of luck to you as you continue to grow your exciting business!

  2. Your new website is fantastic! It’s so quick and easy to navigate. I was drawn to you by seeing your energy, patterns and fabrics online. Your fabrics are true and lively hues that give a feeling of HAPPY! It’s a respite spot for me away from all the dark happenings around the world. Keep going and growing your online ‘small business’ because the sky is the limit!

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