Come sew with me this summer!

Foundation Paper Piecing - Sugaridoo Summer Course - Starting July 6th 2022

Would yo like to sew with me this summer?

What are you doing in July? How about learning a new skill and spending some time virtually sewing together?

From July 6th till the 3rd of August I’m running a live version of my Foundation Paper Piecing course.

You will receive weekly emails about the materials that we are going through that week. There will also be three extra live Q&A sessions. In these sessions we will chat about quilting, there is room for all your questions and also for some extra live demonstration of techniques.

Sounds fun? (I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be awesome!)

Sign up for the FPP course for €99,-

Summer Course Extras

When you sign up for the course this summer, you will get instant access to all the course materials + some fun extras!

  • There will be thee live Q&A sessions (July 6th, July 20th and August 3rd at 4pm Dutch time)
  • You will receive my new pattern ‘Popsicle blocks’ for free. This is a great beginner block to practice your new FPP skills on!
  • I will be sending out a quilted popsicle postcard to the first 10 participants to sign up. So if you join in now, you just might receive some snail mail from me!
  • The summer course comes with extra motivation from me in your inbox. I will be here cheering you on so you will not only watch the videos, but also go practice and really learn how to do FPP

Sign up for the FPP course for €99,-

Would you like to....

Then is course is for you!

In this Foundation Paper Piecing course you will learn how to do foundation paper piecing. You will learn all the basics of this fun technique.

But not only that. Knowing a technique is one thing. Being able to use it is another. This course will help you build confidence in using this technique in your next quilt.

With this course you will be able to pick up any FPP pattern and turn it in to a beautiful quilt.

Sign up for the FPP course for €99,-

Hi wonderful quilter!

You know you want to learn Foundation Paper Piecing. It would be SO nice to be able to make all the FPP blocks out there. Maybe you’ve already bought some patterns, but you just never dared to start.

So many things can hold you back. You could be thinking:
-> It looks too complicated,
-> I don’t have time to learn something new,
-> I’ve already have so many unfinished projects.

It’s something you really want to learn,
but somehow never makes it to the top of your to-do list.

Let's learn foundation paper piecing!

So many other things pop up everyday that keep you from setting time aside for yourself. It’s easy to put something hold when you haven’t made a start with it. Even though you know that ‘something’ will bring you so much fun and joy.

Can I help you with some extra motivation?

Let's quilt together this summer!

Sign up for the FPP course for €99,-

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Inside this course you'll find ...


So much more than 'just another course'

You choosing you changes everything

Learning Foundation Paper Piecing through this course is so much more than just adding a skill to your toolbox. Investing in time to allow yourself to learn and create is so very valuable.

Quilting stimulates our brain and makes us happy. Gifting yourself the time to work on something new with beautiful fabrics can bring so much positivity in your life.

It's time to choose you

Let’s do this.

Let’s set aside some time for YOU over the next few weeks.
Time to focus on something new, something positive, something happy.

Let’s learn how to make a Foundation Paper Piecing block. 

What are we going to do?

What quilters say about my teaching

I love your tutorials and learned so very much from you!! I had no idea about paper piecing before the Sugaridoo quilt along & now I LOVE it 😍 You spread so much positive and happy energy in your videos and make us believe we can sooo do this! I especially love when you encourage to just try & HAVE FUN and not mind making mistakes on the way. Thank you BIG TIME, I am looking forward to learning much more from & with you 😘😘

@Fridolf_Munchen on Instagram

Your teaching style is fabulous! I bought a sewing machine and am learning how to quilt with your help. I had no sewing experience at all but after watching you and listening to your videos I was inspired to TRY! You are awesome with teaching the sewing techniques to new sewers/quilters at the same time giving pointers to the people who are more experienced. You keep a happy vibe going throughout every video and make me want to watch more! You are a great teacher and I thank you for all you do for us!

@Mmesposa on Instagram

I saw you at a quilt fair in Zwolle a few years ago and loved your energy and patterns. I thought: if only I could quilt like that. Half a year later I got your pattern book for my birthday and started fpp with teabag paper. The step by step explanation in the book is fantastic. You are so energetic and have a way of making me feel confident. Every one of your patterns is a winner. 😍

Karen van den Bos

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-11 at 13.48.51

Cute little mug rugs

In this course you will learn to turn your block in to cute little mug rugs. You won’t be left with a bunch of single blocks when you’ve mastered Foundation Paper Piecing. You will actually have something you can use, or gift to a friend when you’ve completed the course.

Sign up for the FPP course

About Irene (that's me! :D )

  • I’ve hosted a super beginner friendly quilt along, with over 6000 quilters.
  • The Sugaridoo community has always been a inspiring comunity. We cheer each other on. I’m going to be your cheerleader the whole way, you’re so awesome for being here and thinking about taking this step for you.
  • I make quilting videos on the Sugaridoo YouTube channel.
  • I focus on positivity. I teach about how you can learn to value you progress and not to be discouraged by someone else’s perfection. (spoiler: what looks like perfection to you hardly ever feels like perfection for the one who created it.)
  • But most importantly: I once was a newbie at quilting myself. And I’ll teach you everything I wish I’d learned when I started.

What quilters say about my teaching

I’ve so enjoyed the SugaridooBerninaQAL with you! You always provide clear instructions then show us how you do it. You often have alternate suggestions in case someone prefers a little twist! You introduced me to both freezer paper and teabag paper methods of foundation paper piecing and I LOVE both! Most importantly, you always bring a big smile and kind words of encouragement! Thank you, Irene! 💕

Kris Simpson

Your teaching style? Excellent, detailed, well-structured, informative, encouraging, fun clean beautiful designs, inspiring! I am a teacher so I am critical! I am glad that my very ever first quilt (and experience with my new Bernina 740!) is with you! Some of the blocks (*from the Sugaridoo Bernina QAL) have been very challenging but considering I started with zero experience and knowledge, it is amazing how much I have learned and am still learning!

Giuls @gioiaisme on Instagram

Fabulous teaching style. Amazed at your knowledge of English, easy going and no fear in trying tactics!
Yes please. I’m a seamstress/quilter and already know many of the techniques you show, but your constant smile and encouragement gives me courage to actually do the things you teach!

Bev Wyckoff @birthdaygirl60 on Instagram

See you inside the course!

I would love to sew together with you this summer.

Sign up for the FPP course for €99,-

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