Yes! You just finished a beautiful quilt top. All you have to do now is baste it and quilt it, so you can turn your UFO (UnFinished Object) into an AFO (Awesome Finished Object). ‘Just’ pick a quilt design and get started.

“Turn your UFO into an AFO”

Does this stage make you a little bit uncomfortable? Do you want to put your quilt top on your pile of nearly finished projects and just think about it for a little longer? You’re not alone! I’ve heard so many people hesitate to finish their quilts because they can’t decide on a quilt design.

So, I decided to make a video on it. Not that I am the expert. Not even close. Did you see the video where I show my 364 WIP’s? BUT, I do think I’m getting better on quilting my quilts. Best thing: I’m spending less and less pondering over which quilt design to choose for years before I finish my quilts.

Wanna become a master in finishing those quilts? Grab your copy of my free ebook and check out the video below for my five step master plan.

Just in case you want the sort version:

STEP 1: Take a good look at your quilt top. Are there any clues in there? Maybe it is a big design which would work well with a smaller overall quilt pattern. Maybe there are shapes in your design around which you can echo with straight lines? Maybe your quilt top is made from squares so you can stitch in the ditch or stitch just beside the ditch.

STEP 2: Go through the 101 ideas for quilting ebook with your quilt top in mind and see if there are designs that resonate with you. That call your name.

Step 3: The most important step. Make a choice. Just pick a design. The moment you decide, you can finally start quilting your quilt.

STEP 4: Go quilt your quilt. Hop behind your sewing machine, grab some thread and start quilting.

STEP 5: Might sound like a weird step, but I love this one. When your half way through quilting your quilt. Don’t hesitate and finish it! Don’t have second thoughts on your choice. The only way to get better at quilting, at picking quilt designs, is by doing. So go and practice. Finish a quilt so you can start a new project. Done is so much batter than perfect!

Well okay, maybe that was the not so very short version. But that’s it. No rocket science right? There is no better feeling than to get your machine running and finish some quilts if you ask me.


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  1. The links all go to the Year in Review. I tried them all. Is the 101 Ideas e-book not available?

  2. I love your videos, I subscribed and am looking forward to getting my ebook.

  3. The link from the youtube video just brings me back to this blog page and does not give a download link to the ebook. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi! I would love a copy of your ebook, but can’t find the link. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you!!

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