The third quarter of 2023 is behind us. Three more months in this year left to work on our wonderful projects!

So, how are you doing?

Have you been keeping up the pace with working on your projects? Did you get some finishes? Did you get some progress? I would love to hear all about it!

The pieces earned for my Summer Lovin’ Seaglass quilt

3nd quarterly update

There I was at the beginning of this year, thinking I was ready to finish some WIPs this year! Well.. Turned out I added quite a lot of WIPs to the list instead. But, there is a very fun reason for that! I chatted about it in a live YouTube video. You can watch it over here:

What IS possible?

Looking at the complete list of my WIPs does give some overwhelm. So I decided to do it a little bit defferently for the remaining 3 months of this year.

For my quaterly overview I did not pull out all my unfinished projects. They are still here. They are still on my list. But I know I won’t finish them this year. And that is OK.

Instead I took out the projects that I will be working on in the remaining months of this year.

  • One hand stitching project, my Manx blocks.
  • One BOM, that I want to complete before the end of the year. For that I will make as many alterations to the plan as needed. Maybe I’ll end up with one block for each month and a smaller quilt. But I just want to complete the quilt to before the end of the year.
  • A few quilts for my very first fabric line. These will be finished before I go to Quilt Market in Houston end of October.
  • Two shirts, and two dresses for Ella. They need to be finished soon, otherwise they will not fit her anymore.
  • My Summer Lovin’ Seaglass Sew Along. I tracked my summer activities in June and July. And I would love to continue tracking when I come back home from Market. I’ll adjust my activities to a kind of Winter Lovin’ Seaglass version, and continue tracking until I have enough pieces for a throw size quilt.
Flutter sleeve tee for Ella, I think she’s going to love this one!
Growing pile with blocks for the BOM hosted by our DutchMQG

Give away

End of the third quarter, means time for a giveaway! Just a fun extra motivation to fill out your tracker, to work on some projects. To check in with each other every three months to see how were doing. No need to finish something. No need to have everything all organized. Just a little update on how you’re doing.

What do you need to do

Joining in the give away is really simple. You just leave a comment down below. Share a little bit about your WIPs over the last three months. If you place a comment before the 7th of October AND you’re on the Tackle That WIP mailing list, then you will automatically enter the raffle.

Are you on the Tackle That WIP list?

You are on the Tackle That WIP list when you have your project tracker. When you receive an email every month from me with [#TackleThatWIP] in the title.

When you’re not sure. Or when you would love to join for Q3, just sign up through the form above.

Added a red stripey binding to my mini arrow quilt. Love it!

What do you win

The give away is just for fun, a little motivation. So I will send out a little love package to one of you from my studio. Maybe some fabrics. Maybe some goodies. For sure a fun little mystery package.

The completed mini. So happy with it!

Now it’s your turn

So, in my video I shared my update. Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment down below. I would love to hear how it’s going! Or when you’re new, let us know what you want to work on!


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  1. I am so excited! I finally finished a snowman quilt that I started many years ago and it turned out so cute. What was I waiting for? It has encouraged me to pull out another older WIP and just get it finished. Congrats on your new fabric line!!!!! Very happy for you.

  2. I made separate lists the first was started but not finished UFOs I finished these three. Yeah this feels great Now I’m dealing with scraps that are overflowing. Next is unstarted items

    1. Hello Irene,
      your lists are very helpful and showed me that I have too many projects started or in mind to start. So in Spring I decided to never sew garments again, because until than it doesn’t made me happy. But than my mother had a new overlocker, her old one to sell… my daughter was too long and slim to fit in trousers, my arms too long for longarm shirts you can buy. Well, now I have a new list :D One for clothing to sew with the help of local courses, two and a half for patchwork/quilting projects. A few of the projects near to be finished – yeah. A few finished after starting them without having them on a list for birthday gifts…
      Please continue to motivate us and best wishes for your first fabric line!

  3. hello
    im bizzy with 2 quilts
    1. 100 modern quilt blocks, i will make 64, at this moment i made 22😘
    2. Matryoshkas, uit de simply modern, bizzy with the big ones

  4. My book loving daughter just had a little girl! I’ve had Guess How Much I Live You fabric for this occasion for six years. I made the quilt my own and it is now on the quilting frame to be ready for the baby shower in one week! So pleased!!

  5. So! Some things on my list are finished butttt there are also A lot of new things on it! I am crazy about embroidery right now and absolutely love to sew. So on my to do is the pinguins quilt from last year 🤣.

  6. I have worked on several of my WIP items but set them aside this summer to make the Irene s Giraffe quilt. I added a fourth giraffe to make it bigger. This will be in the Live Auction at our church faire. So now I return to my list.

  7. This has inspired me to stop new projects and actually finish some of my WIPS. I just finished my fourth baby quilt for donating – they all need binding, but will get that done this month. Thanks for the “push” to get these done

  8. Hi!
    Working in the One Two Tree quilt and knitting a sweater. Oh, and also working on the Attic24 Spring Frost CAL😉 So, many fun projects going on here!

  9. I love your mails and videos! You’re radiating so much fun and energy. This I have finished 2 quilts Now I need to do the binding on two more quilts. I would love to start sewing a Tilda fabric quilt but I am still searching for a background fabric. So I have started with a Christmas table runner for my sister.

  10. In the past quarter, I’ve finished quilting, binding, and labels on four WIPs! Yesterday, I made two braided mats from fabric scraps twisted together into a rope. It took lots longer to twist the fabric (3 years, off & on) than to zig-zag the mats! But the outcome is exactly as I imagined, almost vintage. Am excited to see your new fabrics! ❣️❣️❣️

  11. I’m so excited about the Sea Glass project that I cannot wait to introduce my guild to the idea in the spring. Personally, I have 8 quilts that need quilted on my Q20 and 1 on my Janome because it is just straight lines. I am hoping to do some echo quilting on the 8 and some ruler work to practice because I haven’t had a lot of chance to use my Q20 since purchasing it last year… so it is still brand new to me. I also have a friend who has ordered two quilts from me for the holidays, so that is now on my plate to finish. I’ve selected the fabrics and have one of the quilt’s fabrics already cut. It’s exciting to be asked to create something special for someone else! Finally, I have gone through all of my pattern books and identified all the quilts I want to make and have been assigning fabrics from my stash for each, then cutting it up to make myself kits. Next year, I will be able to create so many beautiful projects rather quickly with my curated kits. So many WIPS!

  12. Yes , i finished our quilt challenge for our show, finished the other challenge for our guild, finally got the binding on Meet Your Neighbour bed runner I started in the pandemic, and got the 4 crazy ladies placemats done. Just have a few more baby quilts to get done before January. But it feels so good!

  13. This quarter I haven’t started any new projects so that’s a win for me!
    I have completed one quilt (finished piecing, quilted and bound) and another had now been completely pieced and I’m about a quarter of the way through quilting. I’m determined not to start anything new until I have finished two more wips!

  14. I made a list of my WIP quilts. To long haha.
    I have to make a choice. The table runner, I have to quilt it. My Mystery BOM 2023 and the block for a new group we started in October. And than….

  15. I made a list of my WIP quilts. To long haha.
    I have to make a choice. The table runner, I have to quilt it. My Mystery BOM 2023 and the block for a new group we started in October. And than….

  16. Just last week I finished my what I call “Bookshelf Quilts”. They are mini quilts that fit the glass windows of the doors of my bookshelf to protect my sewing and art books from fading in the sun. I had four of the six mini quilts finished already, but the last two have been basted and taped to the glass with painters tape for at least a year I guess. I hand quilted them over the course of few evenings, sewed the first pass of the binding on with machine and then finished the binding on the back by hand. I’m happy they are completed now and having the tracker really motivated me.

  17. I managed to at least finish one quilt off my WIP list – the newest one. I guess all other projects should be relabelled as UFOs by now. There are two that “only” need quilting but I cannot decide on a quilt pattern and/or the one I want to do is beyond my skill level. But with the latest WIP I finished, a 2022 BOM quilt, I tried big stitch binding for the first time and now I am thinking about doing big stitch hand binding on one of the really old WIPs/UFOs.
    I did however start and finish another, completely new quilt. Which I am still very happy about because I this was the second half of a layer cake with which I made one lap quilt already. Now I have a second, “sister quilt” to match, with a different pattern.
    For the next three months, I want to focus on several mini projects I’ve been meaning to get to for ages. Such as zipper pouces, lunch bags and similar. Even though they are considered fast and easy projects, I find that it still takes me about half a day to do them, when you include all prep and clean up work as well (and I usually do not have more than half a day for sewing). I am looking forward to these short projects, they make great gifts.

  18. Hi Irene, finished my first penguin quilt. Only some stitches for the binding on the second one. So step by step finishing some projects this year. That gives me joy and a good feeling. Slow progress is still progress. Of course there are new projects added to the list….

  19. I did complete one WIP, but I’ve added others! I have learned to crochet amigurumi, oy! Still sewing as well. Think I need to reorganize again, lol🙂

  20. I have been working on my scrap blocks that will be made into a donation quilt. Also, I am finishing up sewing my Christmas gifts for my quilting friends. My WIP list very long but those are the two I have focused on for now.

  21. I actually did finish a quilt top this quarter. One I started many year ago.. I’m kind of collecting tops and not quilting them for now, as I’m hoping for a longarm in the near future, and want a few tops to practice on. However I did add another quilt as well. The new one took priority since it’s a gift for my mother-in-law. I have all the blocks cut and prepped (half square triangles made and trimmed), and they are ready to be assembled! I’ll also be adding a few smaller projects as we get closer to Christmas. I make Christmas jammies every year, and I plan to make my kids little amigurumi animals for their stockings.

  22. I was able to finish a quilt for my mother-in law for her b-day! Also grabbed a couple baby quilt WIPs from my mom’s stash and got them sewn and sandwiched – just need to quilt them. This Tackle That WIP challenge has helped me finish NINE quilts so far this year!! Wow! Thanks for the motivation Irene!

  23. Finished a few steps and have 3 wips that just need quilting and binding have had 3 quilts that where started and finished to not add to the wip list!

  24. I have been working on some quilts for my aunt and uncles using my grandpa’s old shirts. I have also been putting some old blocks together into quilt tops. There are still quilting and binding to do, but I am progressing!

  25. I finally started quilting my penguin parade quilt but now my machine is acting up and I can get the tension right :(
    The repair shop is quite busy so I next month I will work on some projects that don’t need a sewing machine.

  26. This quarter featured Covid round 2 which knocked me flat for about a month. I prepared the backings for a few quilts, finished 3 quilt tops, a tote bag, a cushion cover and a scrappy pouch. Two quilt tops are basted and ready for quilting in the next quarter and I’ve almost finished quilting another top. I love the progress that #tacklethatwip is helping me to make. Thanks Irene.

  27. I have a huge list of wips… But have actually finished a few this summer. For the rest of the year I will be trying to finish at least one wip for every new project started. Thanks for your inspiration!

  28. Q3 I finished my crochet skirt and a stichery gift for my friend.
    For Q4 I will focus on my embroidery Fall Fairy, a sweater I am knitting and a christmas quilt I started last year.

  29. I finished the granny square blanket for my daughter, but there are still two quilts to be quilted. It’s a lot easier for me to stick to “movable” projects.
    Also I realised need to have a few projects at hand: one for watching a film or chatting on the phone, where I don’t have to pay a lot of attention, a small one for taking along and a more complicated one for improving my skills. So there is no need to finish all WIPs one after the other. 😅

  30. I have most of the binding sewn on my husband’s Dec. bday quilt. As soon as I finish his label that will be checked off. I finished quilting and binding my sister’s quilt (for her bday 10/18). I have graphed the pieced backings for two more quilts that need to be finished by Christmas (tops are finished). I purchased the yarn and have started on a sweater for my 8yo grandson. I can do this! 🤞🏼

  31. I was out of town most of the summer so got no quilting done then. Since mid-September I have almost finished piecing my Spooky Season sew along quilt. Also, I finally attached binding to my Tula Pink fabric quilt! Yay!

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