Tea for Irene

You. Are. AWESOME!

Can I tell you something? Just you clicking the link to this page makes me want to give you the biggest hug through my screen!

Support me with …

All my videos, howto’s, tutorials and reviews on YouTube can be watched for free. I know how important it is that information is shared and is accessible to anyone who wants to learn. There is so much joy in making, in quilting, in taking time for yourself. I really do see quilting as form of self care.

I love making those videos, I love teaching and I love sharing my journey of learning new techniques. So you can image how happy it makes me, that you consider to support me in this. It may sound super cheesy, but it really, REALLY, means the WORLD to me! I actually do a happy dance for every donation that comes in. Not kidding! (Lot’s of dancing also means I can eat more cookies, it’s awesome I know).

So thank you! Really thank you. If you want to get in touch, want to share your story, or just say hi, feel free to email me at [email protected].

You’re the best. I mean it!

Lots of love,

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