Tackle that WIP

How are you with finishing quilt projects? Only starting a new quilt after you finished one? Or are you more like me with always in the middle of a gazillion different projects?

I would love to get my Work In Progress (WIP) list a little shorter and more organised. Since quilting together is always a great idea, I’m inviting you to tackle some WIPs together!

How many WIPs do you have?

Are you the type of quilter that finishes a project first, before starting a new one? I’m a little bit jealous! Well, maybe quite a bit jealous.

When a new idea pops up, a cool pattern shows up on someones Instagram, or when I find new pretty fabrics, I just have to try it out, and a new WIP is born.

If you have just one or two WIP’s, #TackleThatWIP might not be for you. (Of course you’re more than welcome to read along, even when you don’t need help with your WIPs.)

It feels so good

How many unfinished projects do you have lying around? 2? 8? maybe more then 20? I don’t judge ;) I currently have over 15 projects on my list!

How awesome would it be to make that number smaller. It feels so good to finish a project, to place that finial stitch on your binding.

What is the idea

So what is the idea for #TackleThatWIP? I am going to focus on finishing the projects that I start, and especially the projects that have been laying around for a long time. And I’m inviting you to join me!

What does #TackleThatWIP include:

  • a quarterly live video about WIPs, we can set our goals and priorities together
  • a monthly motivational email in your inbox (this ia part of the Sugaridoo newsletter called Happy Notes)
  • free planners to keep track of your WIPs
  • a quarterly giveaway to add that little extra motivation
  • a hashtag #TackleThatWIP to keep in touch an find other quilters joining in

Track your WIPs

So let’s start with creating an overview of how many WIPs you have, in what stage they are, and what needs to be done to get them finished.

I made some a free printables that will help you with this.

The updates version for 2024 has a start date and end date. And also some extra room for tracking the ‘piecing’ part of the progress.

There is also a quilt project planner on which you can write down all the information about a project. The type of thread you’re using, the name of the pattern, needle size etc. This will help to get back to a project after it has been laying around for a while.


Yay! There also is a button :) Feel free to share this on your Instagram, your blog or on Facebook to let your quilting friends know that you are joining this year of finishing your WIPs.

Share this button on your socials to let your quilting friends know you’re ready to tackle some WIPs

Quarterly check ins

To keep us motivated throughout the year I’ll host a quarterly check in. I’ll share the progress on my WIPs in a YouTube video and invite you to share your progress on Instagram or in the comments on the quarterly blog post/video. We will be using the #TackleThatWIP.

Check in

At the beginning of each quarter you’ll find a check-in post on the blog. That link will also be shared in the Sugaridoo Newsletter when a new check-in is up.

Share your progress

#TackleThatWIP is not a competition to see who finished the most projects. It’s just supposed to be a fun motivation to work on the projects we have laying around. It feels so good to finish something!

You can use the #TackleThatWIP as much as you like in your posts. We you organize your WIPs, when you work a bit on a project, when you fill out the project tracker and of course when you finish a project!

Through the hashtag we can find each others posts on Instagram and cheer for all the progress we will make.


There will be a small quarterly give away for everybody joining in. Just to keep it fun, to give ourselves little rewards for tackling our WIPs. This give away will be hosted on the quaterly Tackle That WIP blog posts.

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