Charlie was a pretty happy kitten. Spend his days chilling in the sun, snoozing from meal to meal. Saving energy during the day to have dance parties on his humans beds in the middle of the night. Nothing strange so far. Until one day he was introduced to yoga. Really something for you Charlie they said.

“You should try yoga”, they said. “It’ll be fun”, they said..

Well, Charlie wasn’t so sure when he took his first steps into the yoga classroom.

How could yoga be better than taking a nap in a basket of freshly washed clothes? But he gave it a try. And turned out, he kind of liked it!

Downward facing cat. By far Charlies most favorite yoga pose!

[ Download your copy of the pattern now! ]

You can crochet your own Charlie with this pattern: Crochet Pattern Charlie EN. Or you could order the right materials with the pattern and choose with the complete kit: Crochet Kit Charlie.

In the mean time Charlie will keep on practicing his Forward Fold. Nose to your toes and keep breathing Charlie!

Whith what color are you going to make Charlie?

Irene (and a paw from Charlie)


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  1. Charlie Cat is adorable!! Approximately how big is he finished? Is this a good project to start after a 30 year break from crocheting? (Maybe I should do some hand yoga to prepare first!!!) ?

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