Sometimes your sewing machine wants to tell you something. But it not always easy to understand what they’re saying.

With my Bernina Q16 I’m beginning to recognize the change in sound when it’s time for some cleaning and oiling. The machine will get louder, with a slightly clunky sound.

Here’s what cleaning looks like for me:

The steps I take in this video are:

  • Remove the foot + needle
  • Remove the stitchplate
  • Dust out the top of the bobbin area with a brush
  • Open the bobbin area from the bottom
  • Remove the bobbin case
  • Clean the bobbin area from the bottom
  • Put the bobbin back in it’s place
  • Put in a drop of oil (the guide on the machine can tell you exactly where to oil)
  • Place back the stitch plate, put in a new needle and put your foot back on

I try to be good and clean and oil with every bobbin change. Of after I haven’t used the machine in a while. But often it’s the change in sound that reminds me that it’s really time for a spa treatment for my machine.

How often do you clean your sewing machine?

There you are ready to quilt again!


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