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It’s here! The book is here! Ready to ship, ready to bring HAPPY to your sewing room.

I have been so excitedly looking forward to today. Let’s dive right in!

Here are the book, the e-book, the fabric kits and a listing for backing.

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Finding Happiness

Welcome to Happy Notes, where creativity and joy collide! Join me on an exciting adventure as we dive into the world of foundation paper piecing.

As a passionate quilt designer and maker, nothing brings me more delight than working with pretty fabrics and my sewing machine. In this book I would love to share my joy for quilting with you.

In this book, I invite you to discover the power of finding happiness in the little things. Let’s celebrate the magic that comes from focusing on the positive, even,
or especially during challenging times.

About the book

Inside Happy Notes, you’ll discover 20 delightful foundation paper piecing blocks, each with true to size patterns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, these patterns will ignite your creativity and bring a smile to your face.

Happy Notes Sampler

These block together make the Happy Notes Sampler. A quilt filled with joy. The Happy Notes Sampler in the book measures 63 x 84 inches. To make this sampler you will need the half meter bundle.

A bonus project that comes with the book is a layout for a smaller sampler quilt. The smaller sampler measures 43 x 56 inch. This sampler can be made with a fat quarter bundle.


In addition, the book features 10 inspiring quilt projects that will add a touch of happiness to your sewing room and home. From wall hangings to cozy quilts, each project is designed to brighten your days.

The HAPPY Quilt
I would love to introduce two of these projects to you. The first one is The HAPPY Quilt. This is the only traditionally pieces quilt in the book. While designing the HAPPY block for the sampler I just got an idea of a super supersize version of the block. And well, that turned into this quilt! It’s quilt a statement quilt, with only three fabrics. Go to the fabric kit.

Say Cheeeese
The camera quilt is another supersized version of a block from the sampler. The pattern is printed on a folded pattern sheet that comes with the book. So no need to scale anything yourself.
There is a lot of room for creative quilting with all the large pieces of fabric in the quilt. Go to the fabric kit.

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