Would you like to make a cute amigurumi (crocheted toy) but don’t know where to start? Yay! You’re in the right place. I’m hosting a crochet along where we will make these cute little penguins together. We will take baby steps, so even if you have no clue what a crochet hook looks like you can follow along!

Who is Puck?

Puck is a funny penguin fellow. He loves that he weares a tuxedo all day. At fancy weddings he only has to add a bow tie. Other things Puck loves are ice skating with his friend Pippa and decorating cupcakes. Well mostly eating the cupcakes while Pippa decorates them. I’m not sure if she is just a friend or maybe a little bit his girlfriend. Puck comes from a very special penguin family. They normally paint the eggs before they hatch so all penguin babies come out in special colors. Only Puck was a little bit early to climb out of his egg, so his dad was too late to paint it..

What are we going to do?

By following all lessons you will learn every technique you need to crochet Puck. We will brake everything down in baby steps, so you will have time to practice what you learn. Every lesson has a video to help you on your way.

  • Materials: today we will talk about the materials. What do you need to start with your first crochet lesson.
  • Lesson 1: Making your first stitches (called ‘single crochet’) in a magic loop. Really magical I promise ;)
  • Lesson 2: You will learn about eyes, making decreases, stuffing and closing your amigurumi.
  • Lesson 3: Time for tiny parts, they are fiddly, but I’m sure you can do it!
  • Lesson 4: Oval shapes, you will learn to make ‘chain stitches’ and crochet around them.
  • Lesson 5: Finally you will assemble your amigurumi like a pro.

If you’re running into any crochet related trouble along the way just let me know in the comments on the blog or the Youtube videos. I’ll be here to help you!

So tell me about the prizes!

Whoop whoop! You can win a prize with this crochet along. The crochet along runs until the 20th of september. Just finish your version of Puck and upload a photo to the final blogpost before the 24th of september to enter the giveaway (or send me an email/facebook message with your picture).

Tell me what can I win? By showing me your finished version of Puck you can win three balls of Phildar coton 3 of your color choice together with a Clover Amour 2.5 mm crochet hook!

Learn to make your very first Amigurum

So let’s talk materials. What will you need to make Puck the penguin. Well we need yarn, a crochet hook, safety eyes, some stuffing, a darning needle and a pair of scissors.

Yarn and a crochet hook

Puck in the pictures above is made with Phildar coton 3 and a 2.5 mm crochet hook. That combination makes him about 5 cm tall. If you already have some yarn you can just make him with whatever you have lying around. Pick a crochet hook that matches the yarn (check the label of the yarn for this) or that is slightly smaller than the recommended hook size.

Are you completely new to any yarn related activities? :) No worries! I posted an article over HERE about all the yarn I like to use for amigurumis and the crochet hooks that go with them. If you have any doubts or questions about the yarn / crochet hook just ask in the comment.

Safety eyes

Safety eyes are the little black eyes you see with Puck. These eyes have washers that go on the back which cannot be pulled off. You can buy them online for example at Etsy or Probeer. Most safety eyes have soft white washers or metal backings which can be attached easily by hand. (Some cheap safety eyes come with very hard yellowish washers. Then you might need some strong force to attatching them.)

For Puck crocheted with a 2.5 mm hook you will need 6 mm black safety eyes. The bigger the yarn you use, the bigger the eyes should be. When crocheting with a 4 mm hook you can probably use 8 mm or 9 mm eyes.


For stuffing you can use any material used to fill pillows or toys which you can get in the most craft stores. You need just a tiny bit for this small project.

Darning needle and scissors

Last things you will need is a darning needle to put the penguin together. That is a needle with a big eye and a blunt point. And of course you need some scissors.


And that’s it! Everything you need to make Puck the Penguin. Are you exciting go get started? I sure am! Yayy


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  1. I have not started Puck because I want to do him all at once. Each day is like opening a new present. I hope to do Walter tomorrow and then Puck in a few days. They look so cute and will be fun to make. I am excited. I LOVE your video instructions. Thanks so much for adding some fun to my crocheting. Yayy!!!

  2. Is it possible to just get a written crochet pattern? Allfreecrochet.com has link to this page as a free pattern. I’m already at expert level crochet skills and just want the pattern of stitches. no time for videos.

  3. I just love how you explain things and take us through it so that we don’t sound like dumb stupid people I’m just loving the things that you were teaching us I’m glad I came across to you do a good job

  4. It would be easier if the instructions were posted like a regular pattern these lessons are a nightmare for me I feel like some of the instructions were left out.

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