If you bought the Sugaridoo Sampler, the first Penguin Parade pattern or want to make a droomdekentjes blanket with the penguins, this blog post is for you.

In this post you’ll find how to scale blocks to the 15 inch penguin blocks you need to make the Penguin Parade quilt.

Sugaridoo Sampler Penguins

The penguins in the Sugaridoo Sampler are 10cm, 12.5cm and 15cm. You can scale them to 15 inches by printing:

  • 10cm block: print with scale 381%
  • 12,5cm block: print with scale 305%
  • 15cm block: print with scale 254%

CM to inch

In the Sugaridoo Sampler you’ll find all blocks in centimeters, but did use block sized that are pretty easy to convert to inches. All the blocks are sized with increments of 2.5cm, which is almost 1 inch. (1 inch = 2.54 cm to be exact.)

Sometimes I make a cm block, but want to use it with other inch blocks in a quilt. Then I look in the list below, for the corresponding inch sizes.

These are all finished sizes, so when you make a 10cm block from the Sugaridoo Sampler, there will be seam allowance on top of that.

  • 7.5cm = 3 inch
  • 10cm = 4 inch
  • 12.5cm = 5 inch
  • 15cm = 6 inch
  • 17.5cm = 7 inch
  • 20 cm = 8 inch
  • 22.5 cm = 9 inch
  • 25 cm = 10 inch

For example, I would make a 15cm block . That will measure 15 / 2.54 = 5.9 inches (finished size). But I will just take my inch ruler out, when the block is finished, and trim it to 6 inches + 1/2 inch seam allowance.

All my patterns after the Ssugaridoo Sampler, and all my future patterns will be in inches. This also includes my new book Happy Notes that will launch in spring ’23.

Penguin Parade mini quilt

In the Penguin Parade mini quilt you’ll find the block at 6 inches. To scale this to 15 inches, make sure to print it to 250%.

How to print

Printing directly from a browser (when you click and open a PDF from your inbox for example) can sometimes give a little trouble with printing. I prefer to download a PDF to my computer first, and then open it in a PDF viewer.

When you open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat you can select ‘Poster’ in the print menu. Then you can enter the desired scale and you will get all the pattern pieces you need. Just paste them together and you’re good to go.


Want to make a quilt for the charity Droomdekentjes? Then you need to make a quilt in a specific size. Here is how you could make a 12 penguin quilt into a Droomdekentje that measures 120 x 150cm, that is about 48 x 60 inches.

Make 12 blocks that are 12.5 inch big (finished size, 13 inches including seam allowance). Look in the list below for how to scale your blocks:

  • 10cm: print to 318%
  • 12.5cm: print to 254%
  • 15cm: print to 212&
  • 6 inch: print to 208%


The sashing in between the blocks should be 2.5 inch (finished, 3 inches including seam allowance).

This will give you a quilt that measures 47.5 x 62.5 inch (118 x 156 cm).

To make the quilt a little shorter you could make the horizontal sashing 2 inches (finished, 2.5 with seam allowance). Then your quilt will measure. 47.5 x 60 inch (118 x 150cm).

Hope this helps in making your quilt! If you have questions, just let me know in the comments below :)

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Hoi Irene,
    ivm het grotere patroon van de pinguin…
    Ik heb de papieren versie van de sugaridoo sampler, hoe pak ik dit dan aan? Moet ik een nieuw (digitaal) patroon aanschaffen?
    groetjes, Helga

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