Yay! I finished a quilt top this quarter. Feels good to get to the next step on the project. It’s the BOM project that our Dutch MQG hosted in 2023. I was very determined to finish all the blocks before the end of the year. I haven’t made a picture of the completed top yet, but there it is sewn together in rows:

All blocks for the Dutch MQG block of the month done. What a fun project to make with all the happy Sassafras fabrics.

Did you have a lot to time to sew over the holidays?

My final quarter of 2023 was pretty crazy, with going to Market, finalising my second fabric line, starting the Happy Notes QAL, the Advent Calendar and celebrating the holidays.

This is was we made with the 2023 Sugaridoo Advent project. Can’t wait to start designing the 2024 advent project!

Give away

End of the quarter, means time for a giveaway! Just a fun extra motivation to fill out your tracker, to work on some projects. To check in with each other every three months to see how were doing. No need to finish something. No need to have everything all organized. Just a little update on how you’re doing.

What do you need to do

Joining in the give away is really simple. You just leave a comment down below. Share a little bit about your WIPs over the last three months. If you place a comment before the 19th of January AND you’re on the Tackle That WIP mailing list, then you will automatically enter the raffle.

Phil travelled to Market in Houston with Sanne and me. Such a fun project to make!

What do you win

The give away is just for fun, a little motivation. So I will send out a little love package to one of you from my studio. Maybe some fabrics. Maybe some goodies. For sure a fun little mystery package.

Now it’s your turn

So, in my video I shared my update. Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment down below. I would love to hear how it’s going! Or when you’re new, let us know what you want to work on!


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  1. I finished 3 quilts this quarter. 2 have been on my WIP list for a year. The other one was a baby quilt I started this year for my nephew. I have loved having a checklist showing me my WIPs and where I am with them. I’m
    Continuing to work on them this year too to knock off some more quilts that are just waiting for me to work on them again.

  2. Hi Irene! I only have one WIP…the advent calendar sew-a-long!!! 😂😂😂 I loved opening the packages each day buuut…well I’m on Day 7th now. I am super enjoying it, although I find this technique most challenging. I am determined to finish it and put it away with my Xmas decorations. Next Christmas I’ll be so happy when I get it out again and can enjoy it. I can’t wait to see whatyou come up with next!

  3. Ik heb de penguin parade quilt uit 2022 afgemaakt, een amigurumi uit 2017, een tasje afgehaakt en nog een surprise tasje van oude spijkerbroeken en bloesjes voor Sinterklaas. Al met al best wel productief. Je tip om te focussen op 1 project help zeker. Nu ga ik met de happy notes qal aan de gang:)

  4. I finished one quilt. Finished 2 other tops and got them basted and started quilting one of them. And one more top ALMOST done, all of the blocks are made, it just needs assembly 😀 I also started the happy notes quilt along! I was so excited to see the sneak peak of the new bernina quilt along later this year and 100% plan on doing that one too! I always have fun with you quilt alongs! Seeing all your quilts again has me motivated to finish my partly done projects!

  5. So very very happy with how the last quarter went – 14 quilt tops are now finished quilts and I gave 9 of them away as Christmas gifts! One quilt top is basted, awaiting quilting and I also turned bags of blocks into 3 quilt tops.

  6. I think your correct for me. Pull out one thing to concentrate on. I am in second home in Mexico so no sewing machine so I’m working on my hand quilting quilt.

  7. Hi Irene
    I really appreciate your videos. I did not keep track of my WIPs last year but am motivated to do now!!! I do have 1 quilt on longer and one waiting. Then several in all of the phases!! I don’t even know how many projects I have going so this will definitely help. Thanks for your help!!

  8. I have 18 quilts tops stacked up ready to sandwich quilt with their backings already. My goal is to finish 1 a month. Last month I finished and gave 3 quilts before they became parts of the stack 😉. Thank you for your cheery attitude and fun quilt patterns!

  9. Loved the fourth quarter video! So happy for your new long arm!!! So deserved enjoy the learning process.

  10. I have several quilt tops in need to be quilted. Two of them being Sugaridoo’s massive first QAL and one one-two-tree QAL. Especially those first two being so extreme large and are really daunting to quilt.
    But one beach-themed wallhanging is almost fully done. Just the last corner of the binding and hanging loop and that one is finished. Drumrollllll

  11. I have not been working on wips because I love starting new things 😧 but it is something I want to tackle for 2024! This month I need to figure out what wips I have and plan how and when to finish them.

  12. Hi My WIPs include: Sugaridoo Advent Cushion cover, Christmas log cabin cushion cover for a friend, dress for my granddaughter, assembling a quilt where the blocks are all ready to arrange and a few other things. This year I have joined a few quilt-alongs so hopefully, if I keep up with weekly/monthly ‘homework’, I will have them done at the end of the year so they are not WIPs for 2025 :)

  13. I started more newprojects and made progress on quilting some WIPS.
    I have 8 quilts that are WIPS and 3 to 4 quilts that are new for 2024 including Happy Notes Quilt along project.
    Focus for this year to complete 4 projects from 2023 by June, while simultaneously work on my new projects.

  14. I finished a quilttop that I wanted to start in summer 2022 and a smaller bag of by Annies for my smartphone that I had on my to do list and the little Rudi Rednose
    pillow from the Sugaridoo Advent Calendar. Dezember was very busy and I did only two blocks of the missing four blocks of a sampler qal quilt that will be done by end of February. Ah I forgot the four fabric bags for Christmas presents. That’s all.

  15. I love your site and all that you’re doing. It makes me smile every time I visit it! :) Keep up the lovely work! Do you have pdf’s for the planner pages that you’re using where you write your projects on it? I would love to use one!

  16. I finished 11 projects in 2023, of which 4 were quilts and the rest were various smaller projects. I have 21 projects lined up for 2024 in various stages. Some are almost finished and others are just in the dreaming about doing this stage.

  17. Hey Irene,
    In mijn naaikamer zweven op zijn minst 6 quilts rond die half af zijn en het borrelt er van de nieuwe ideeën die ik zou willen maken.

  18. good morning. I love the Advent Reindeer, but can’t find the pattern. My WIP are many. My two grand daughter’s quilts. My floating hearts quilt is done. i need to quilt about 9 quilt tops with my Bernina 16. I’ll be busy. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  19. Hoi Irene,
    Op mijn WIP lijstje staan nu mijn kerstquilt (van 2022🤔), mijn Riley Blake quilt van 2023, The blossom explosion quilt van Ruth de Vos, de EPP quilt La Pasacaglia , en omdat ik nog niet genoeg Wips heb ben ik begonnen met een FPP quilt van een clydesdale paard en wil ik de FPP zwaluw van de DMQguild BOM van 2023 dit jaar 12x in de kleuren van de maand gaan maken. Genoeg te doen dus🤣

  20. There are so many WIPS on my list :-/ I have one quilt that it is really close to finishing (actually, it has been this way for over a year) and I had planned on finishing it this weekend – however, this morning I realised I was just too tired from work and stress this week and not at my best. So I postponed it (again). I am a bit frustrated but on the other hand, I am rather frustrated because I took a longer break than frustrated because I forced myself and made a mistake. The good thing is I still love the quilt and want to finish.

  21. I have been working on some personalised “initial” quillows for my niece ans nephew, finally finished them last week. Now I am working on attaching the binding to a WIP that has been on my to-do list the past couple of years. After that I am going to tackle the “interwoven” quilt top that I have finished cutting the fabric for. Isn’t it a great feeling when you complete a project?!

  22. I have been working on some personalised “initial” quillows for my niece and nephew, finally finished them last week. Now I am working on attaching the binding to a WIP that has been on my to-do list the past couple of years. After that I am going to tackle the “interwoven” quilt top that I have finished cutting the fabric for. Isn’t it a great feeling when you complete a project?!

  23. I am so proud of myself for tackling my WIP’s! I pulled out six quilt tops from the closet that were in different stages of being done and finished them and sent them off to be quilted. Now I am working on a project I set aside in 2014! I don’t know why I never finished it but it is getting done now! I also bought a white board so I could keep it on my wall with my current projects and it is a visual reminder of what I need to do to move that project forward – it is also easy to add and erase things.

  24. I finished two quilts completely (one was started over a year ago) and two tops. Thanks for all the motivation!

  25. Hi ! last year I finished 2 quilts, 1 other is in standby because quilting is difficult on a domestic sewing machine and I began the Happy Notes quilt. I will do the new Bernina QAL this year. So a lot of colors for 2024 !!

  26. In december was er weer extra tijd om te quilten en dingen af te maken. Super fijn! De adventskalender zorgde ervoor dat de pinguïn kussens die lagen te wachten nu ook af zijn. Klaar voor kerst voor volgend jaar.
    De dutchmqg swap projecten kwamen af. En de verdanda quilt is ook gequilt. Blij dat er weer dingen af zijn en zin om andere projecten ook af te maken!

  27. The fourth quarter was full of making class samples and a fun purse for mom Looking forward to some me sewing and sticking my toe into garment sewing.

  28. This final quarter of 2023 found me caregiving for my dad while in the hospital and on hospice. He passed away in November. :( So quilting slowed down drastically. BUT I was able to finish a quilt for my mom-in-law for her birthday and 3 small baby quilts made from some flannel scraps from my mom’s stash. This Tackle That WIP challenge has helped motivate me to finish 12 quilts/projects this past year!! That is so amazing! I have also realized that I love to finish quilts! My mom loves to START projects but to COMPLETE a project (quilting/binding/putting on the final label) gives me joy and brings me peace. That was fun to discover about myself. Thanks Irene!

  29. I finished the top of the babyquilt and this is great, because the baby will be born in the next weeks. Unfortunaly I am now fighting with the quilting. But it will work. I’m sure.
    And I’ve done the #sugaridooadventquilt. I am very happy with the cussion! Thank you Irene for the slow sewing and quilting time in decembre!

  30. Last quarter I finished two pillows, the blocks for 1 BOM and assembled another BOM. I put together a top to be hand quilted that had been cut for quite a while. I also took your advice when it all got to be too much and took a break for a bit.
    In 2023 I loved the #TWIP tracker and filled in 1 1/2 of them. I am excited to do the 2024 on to do the 2024 one, but I can’t figure out how to get it!
    Thanks for all the tutoring and encouragement.

  31. I love your project tracker, it has kept me much more organized! I finished a few and made progress on others before I had to take time off the last three months with knee replacement surgery and holidays. I was excited to see you have a new 2024 tracker but I can’t find the download. Help!

  32. Hi. I use your prodject planner and love it. Helps me keep organised and on track. But my ufo’s keeps standing still for a while, but have a new hope for 2024. Never give up right, so now I am going to keep planing my ufo’s in the same way. Thank you for so much inpirasion and I am so happy for you about the new fabrik line :-) So sweet and fun!

  33. I made a lot of progress with my WIPs, but none of them is totally finished. Missed your information on this tackle that WIP Video. Hope that I am still on your list. If not, please join me again. I think I will give your method a try. Sounds good to me to have the focus on only one project in every stage. I am very excited about your new Quilt Along. I have to take Part – again such an awesome quilt. 🤗

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