Are you a planner? Do you like making lists? I love it. I sometimes spend more time planning a project then I’m actually working on it. A lot of what I do happens in my bullet journal and in my head.

So I though, let’s share a bit of that process so you also know what is going on behind the scenes. I’m going to share what is going on right now, what I’m planning for the next month or so. What projects and releases are coming up so you can set your calendar for new pattern releases ;)

I’m often working on a lot of projects at the same time, so it will also be a nice overview for myself to keep track of all my WIPs. So let’s go, here’s what’s next.


I’m trying to post weekly videos on Youtube. I have been struggling a bit to keep up with that since the start of the Sugaridoo Bernina QAL, but I think I’m back now. I’ve been filming and designing and making new projects. So here’s a little list of what is coming next on YouTube.

  • April 16th – Sugaridoo Bernina QAL part 6
  • April 23rd – Mini quilt design part 1/2
  • April 30th – Mini quilt design part 2/2
  • May 7th – Quilting my mini quilt(s)
  • May 14th – Sugaridoo Bernina QAL part 7
  • May 21st – Maybe a WIP overview video, or maybe I’m finally going to finish the ‘I love my bike’ mini quilt that I was making
  • May 28th – Probably a video about freemotion quilting on my Bernina 770QE (remember that improv quilt that I was working on? Would loove to finish it!)

New patterns

On April the 30th I’m releasing a new pattern. Whoop whoop! Very excited about it.

The pattern is called ‘Funky ABC + 123‘ It’s a pattern with all the letters and numbers of the alphabet. The letters are happy and bold and funky, quite different than my the one that is already in the shop.

I’m going to share some sneak peeks on my Instagram while I’m working on it. Also some awesome testers are working on it right now!

Stay home stay safe

It’s now the fourth week that we’re home with the three of us and it is going quite well! We are working half days and getting more and more used to our routine. It’s different and sometimes difficult, but it’s not all bad. I like how much time we have together as a family, I love all the extra time with little mister Jules. But I also really miss meeting family and friends.

Let’s hope that it will all be under control and go back normal in a few months. In the mean time we are making the best of it. I’m not in the studio as much as I would normally be, but it’s ok. I can still go there and film, and the all the rest I’m doing from home.

What’s next for you? Any fun plans for the next month?

xo Irene

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  1. Hello Irene:
    I’m looking for your cactus pattern. You made a pillow that is posted on your Instagram page. Your work is so inspiring.

    1. Hi! Am loving the quilt a long!!! (See @gioiaisme and am excited about the free motion quilting video…so I have a request…your bernina has that extra free motion quilting foot…I hope you talk about free motion quilting when we donβ€˜t have that fancy (and expensive!) foot? Thanks!!

  2. Hi Irene, following along the quilt along. It has been a challenge since I had never tried other ways to make a quilt just straight stitching so learning new methods. Love your new improved website. I do have a sewing journal which I write in everyday, at the moment am working on 3 different quilts plus making face masks and finished Misty Mountains quilt for my daughter who is moving to another state by the way I am in Florida USA. Your son is growing so fast and he loves playing with his trucks, thats great using his imagination.
    Take care will be checking often all the new ideas you have coming up.

  3. Hi Irene, i love our new funky ABC. Can i get an quilt kit, with “bee happy” with the funky ABC? I would be so great.

  4. Just found your site after seeing your studio tour during the pandemic. You are such an inspiration! Love your creativity! If you are not done with your second sampler, I would like to see a mermaid included. Will definitely hook my granddaughters into your site. Love it!

  5. Is there a way for me to sign up? Are you still around? Loving what I’m seeing on your site!

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