Quilt Con, a big yearly quilting event organized by the Modern Quilt Guild was hosted online this year. For me that meant that I could join for the very first time!

Everything from the exhibitions, the lectures, the demo’s and workshops was hosted on an online platform. So exciting to finally be able to get in on this wonderful event without  flying all the way to the US!

Machine Binding

I joined three workshops and learned so much. Ginny Robinson taught a course on machine binding. And already on the first try my binding improved so much!

There are still some things I want to try and tweak, but Ginny gave me all the ideas and help that I need to experiment. This will help me make my binding look more pretty, make it faster to bind a quilt and most importantly, make me actually like sewing on my binding by machine!

Screen Printing

Karen Lewis taught a class on screen printing. A few  year ago I ordered a screen printing kit on Karen her website, but I never took it out to actually print something with it.

So when I noticed her name on the workshop list for QuiltCon, I immediately signed up. It was lot’s of fun trying out printing on fabric. 

I definitely have a lot to practice on. It is quite a skill to screen print a clean design, spread out evenly over the fabric. But I can see myself printing many more pieces of fabric in the future!

Sewing Curves

The third workshop I did was all about sewing curves. Jen Carlton-Bailey makes it look so easy to sew curves. Whether she’s doing a quarter, half or full circle. It was so inspiring to see her sew curves with ease.

So I selected six fat quarters, cut up a whole bunch of half circles and started practicing. Which was a great way to test out my ‘Wobbly Bobbly – The Mini Quilt’ pattern again.

It didn’t happen on the first try, or on the second, but my curves did slowly start to improve. Sometimes a curves would turn out super pretty, and on the next try it was all wobbly with puckers.

By the end of sewing all these curves I can say I really like to sew curves now! They don’t intimidate my anymore. And, most of the time, the half circles turn out pretty well!

So also in this workshop I learned a ton. 

Thank you!

Thank you Jen, Karen and Ginny for your wonderful workshops during QuiltCon. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it so much. 

Let’s hope the world goes back to normal soon and Quilt Con will be able to go back to an in person event. Great reason for me to hop on a plane next year. It would be so wonderful to meet other quilters in real life again!

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  1. Thank you, Irene!
    Be well and enjoy your “nesting” time and time with all your family. I’m new to quilting, but loving your YouTube channel and your beautiful creations! Best, Connie

  2. I also attended QuiltCon together this year and took a few classes. It’s fun to see what others did in their classes too. Your half circles are bright and beautiful!

  3. Thank you Irene, love your you tube channel you are am inspiration have just finished the tree quilt which I’am loving, can’t seem to get the alphabet right yet need to practice a bit more enjoy your new baby.
    Best wishes

  4. Wonderful to hear your feeling better and you will have another beautiful baby. Thanks for the information.
    Be safe and happy.

  5. This is wonderful! I’m just about to celebrate my first year anniversary of quilting, which I took up during lockdown in the Netherlands. My loving aunt video chatted with me to teach me how to thread my machine and I was off to the races!! I have one more year here in the Netherlands before we move back to the states, and I am quilting and piecing every free moment. I love to hear that you are still learning even after all you’ve done and showed me via YouTube. I even just downloaded your free e-book on straight line quilting an completed two different lap quilts using some of your techniques. Thank you for all you do and share!

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