Let me introduce you to Mike and his friends. Mike was created on a sailing trip in Denmark last summer. It’s so lovely to crochet, sitting outside close to the water, that could only bring something beautiful. I got a lot of nice comments on Mike, so I wrote him out in to a pattern.


Would you like to crochet you own Mike? You can find the pattern on Etsy, Craftsy and Dawanda. The pattern will be sended to you via email. The pattern includes lots of pictures and a clear description on how to make your own Mike.

Mike monkey amigurumi15_blogMike is crocheted with acrylic yarn, Stylecraft Special DK and a 3mm hook. He measures about 40cm from head to toe. (His tail is even a bit longer!)


Love Irene

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  1. Nice to meet you, Mike!
    I bet I could love crocheting you (or one of your friends) while sailing… Sounds pretty good to me!
    Sadly, I live between the mountains… only water around there are creeks… not that good for crocheting!
    Jokes aside: I love it!
    Thanks for sharing, my homonymous :D

  2. How do I buy this pattern? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find an area to purchase. Thanks

  3. Hello Irene

    Thank you for the gift with my e-book, it was a lovely surprise. I was on vacation and Mike the Monkey came partially to fruition on my trip in Madeira.
    What happened to Walter the whale, I was going to try him with the leftovers from the Mike the Monkey I ordered, I am a little stuck with the hands connecting to the arms. I am English and follow a little Nederlands because I am Afrikaans, but with the penquin tutorials I got to where I am now, just can’t find anything online or in your posts to get further. Loved the paperpiecing course, just stuck at work but appreciate that I can refer back to my course for 6 months online.
    Happy wishes and many blessings.

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