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Yayyy! It is SUCH an exciting day today. It’s my birthday! I’m turning 32. And I’m loving it. I love each day and don’t mind getting older at all. I’m learning more and more to enjoy life. To celebrate all the things, no matter how small they are. My heart is overflowing when I think of the all the things I’m thankful for from this past year. Our little mister Jules with his unstoppable urge to climb things and his adorable giggles. My awesome husband Marten who supports me 200% in everything I do and puts me on the couch with a cup of tea when he sees I’m running a bit too fast. My parents, my brothers and their families, my friends. My studio and the fact that I can do what I love so much everyday!

In the past year I’ve started to practice being grateful everyday. For things big and small. Such a super power to get yourself in a higher frequency by just focusing on what your grateful for. When it’s a kind of sad day, and it’s hard to come up with happy things, start by listing everything that is NOT wrong at that moment (you can have a cup of tea, there is a roof above your head, you’re wearing happy socks). I learned this from Lou Niestadt, check out her podcast for manifesting all the good things ;)

Good Vibes Only

So when Shayla Wolf from Sassafras Lane for Windham Fabrics contacted me asking if I would want to participate in a blog tour about their new fabric line I got a huge smile on my face when I saw the name of the line: GOOD VIBES ONLY. Ha! Love it. And when I got the fabrics in the mail, I did at least three happy dances. Such awesome colors!

Making something for my mom

My mom had her birthday last week, so I decided to make something for her. And the idea of making a pattern where you can use an already pieced block popped up in my head. I started sketching and doodling and came up with this little fishy. You can use and type of block for the belly to create unique fishes using the same pattern.

A fun video tutorial

In this weeks YouTube video I’m showing you how to make these fun mug rugs. First download the free pattern, pick some pretty fabrics, make yourself a nice cup of tea and go make a little fish (or two or three haha). In the video I’ll explain how you can use a pieced block to create a unique little fish. And I’m giving away one of the mug rugs in the video! Whoop Whoop!

The blocks are 6 x 9 1/2 inch, a perfect size to hold a hot cup of tea and your favorite flavored cupcake. It’s a quick project! And perfect to practice your quilting on. Since it’s so small it’s very easy to move around under your machine. Check out the video to see how I quilted these fishes.

Download your FREE paper piecing pattern

But first thing to do: grab your free foundation paper piecing pattern for the fish. It’s a PDF with a coloring page so you can try out different colors and designs before you start cutting into your fabrics.

This little form will let you sign up to my newsletter so you’ll get my weekly email with updates so you’ll be the first to know about everything that is going on within Suagridoo. Make sure to confirm your email address so you can download the pattern.

But wait there is more!

Of course there is more. Sassafras Lane is letting me give away a small bundle with a few fat quarters to one of you! How cool is that! Just leave a comment on this post stating who you would like to make the Little Fish Mug Rug for and I’ll pick a winner next week. Get yourself an extra change to win by commenting to today’s instagram post over here. (entries close on 13th of June 8PM CET)

Next up:

Now hop over to Sassafras Lane to see who’s up next in the blog tour. You can win a fabric bundle almost everyday this month! Monday, June 3rd: Shayla Wolf | Sassafras Lane Designs
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Sunday, June 9th: Jessica VanDenburgh | Sew Many Creations
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  1. It happens and becoming more common as people climb on low-cost outfits with the minimum supply of Os. They get too tired to go lower than C4 after a long hard summit, run out of Os and. …

  2. It happens and becoming more common as people climb on low-cost outfits with the minimum supply of Os. They get too tired to go lower than C4 after a long hard summit, run out of Os and. …

  3. I love the GeriPal podcasts and really loved hearing Louise talk about her new book. There is so much wrapped up in aging–physically/medically, emotionally, culturally, linguistically, etc–that it’s overwhelming at times to sort out how I feel about it, how I want to feel about it (or think I should feel about it), how to talk with others about it. I’m reading Mary Pipher’s Women Rowing North right now and can’t wait to add Elderhood to my summer reading list. I’ll also be donating a copy to my local library if they don’t get it! This needs to be a book that everyone reads and talks about–new conversations are imperative. Thank you Louise for writing it, and thank you Eric and Alex for the podcast!

  4. That is a gorgeous line of fabric! I’m not one to make a lot of mug-rugs, but if I did, I’d make fish -themed ones for my two brothers.

  5. Thank you for sharing the gift of salvation – and the plan to receive it. I need to do that much more with my blogging! Praising the Lord for my salvation!

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  8. So sweet and will definitely make them.
    Good way to use some small scraps that I have lying about.
    Great video instructions too Irene :)

  9. I enjoy your teaching I never thought I wanted to learn paper piecing until I started watching you now I can’t stop thanks for inspiration.

  10. yOU HAVE INSPIRED ME TO QUILT IN A NEW AND WONDERFUL WAY. i WANT TO MAKE MY OWN PATTERNS USING PAPER PIECING. iS IT HARD? I just discovered you a couple of days ago and I can’t get enough. Unfortunately I was too late to join your 1st class. Maybe next time. I am a retired art teacher and love watching other teachers. Thank you from California!

  11. I was recently watching your video on organizing your fabric and you were using to put your fat quarters in and or your smaller pieces can you give us the sizes and where you purchase those containers at. It looks like you had two different sizes in the video

    1. Hi Chloe! On October 5th my Foundation Paper Piecing course will start again. I’d love to teach you all about paper piecing there. You can subscribe to my newsletter to get notified when the doors open (Plus I’ll share a discount code on these for the course as well)

  12. Is this pattern still available to download because I am not having much luck. Wanted to make this mug rug for a friend’s birthday but can’t seem to get the download to work. Can someone help please? Thanks

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