What to do when your thread keeps breaking when you just want to do some relaxing sewing. Don’t throw your machine out of the window just yet.

This week I posted the first Quilting Questions video on the Sugaridoo Youtube channel. Every month I’m going to discuss quilting issues. So let me know in the comments below what you struggle with while quilting! Maybe I will discuss it in next month’s episode.

First let me walk you through some things to check in this video. There might be something in there that will solve your thread breaking and get’s you back to sewing in no time.

Download the checklist as a free printable over here:

Hope this helps to solve your thread breaking issues! I know it helped me to ‘keep calm and quilt on’ quite a few times ;)

Happy quilting!
xo Irene

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  1. Hi there, usually user error for me, being in a rush and missing something or trying to take a shortcut. Good reminders and suggestions thank you. I do seem to have one certain direction that my machine really gets into trouble about. I did not have much trouble until I began learning ruler work. Up or back and toward the left for more than an inch or two and everything goes haywire sometimes. Especially with certain threads. It is very annoying when you are concentrating hard on a plan and the stitches start looping and snagging and skipping. I am a beginner FMQ and learning ruler work so my unsteady and unconfident ego takes a beating some days. My poor machine really does not know how to deal with me LOL. Enjoying your videos and suggestions.thank you.

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