Ever since I finished the quilt ‘Things we love’ for my mom (this one) I have been thinking about making a new sampler quilt. The thinking turned into sketching. And at the moment I’m sewing the very first blocks. How exciting!



My idea is to make it into a customizable sampler. So that (if it all works out and the pattern will make it to my shop) you can design your very own version of the Sugaridoo Sampler! Sounds cool right? :)

I’ve designed a layout for the quilt with about 10 different block sizes. Ha, that was quite a puzzle! Each block design will be scaled to fit several block sizes. The sailing boat for example could go in a F-block, G-block of H-block. The cactus would go in  a D-block.


For this sampler I’m using Blueberry Park fabrics by Karen Lewis together with Kona Cottons. These two fabric lines match perfectly since Blueberry Park is printed on Kona Cottons. They are oh so very pretty!


These are just a few of the fabric  selected for the sampler, I’m waiting patiently for the rest to arrive. These bolts will be turned in to fabric bundles to make your very own Sugaridoo Sampler.

I expect everything to be ready and available from oktober this year.  If you like to follow along in the process behind the scenes, just hop over to the Sugaridoo Instagram account.


Thank you for stopping by!




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  1. Love the colors! I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I’m currently in the middle of a full on quilt addiction and can’t get enough of seeing beautiful quilts!

    1. Hi Shelly! Thank you so much. I also can’t wait to see it all come together. Haha enjoy all the quilting fun!

  2. Oh what a cute little neighborhood this could be! You make such darling things!!

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