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So nice that you are stopping by at this introduction to cross stitching. This week I like to share some basics about cross stitching, so we will have a small series on learning to cross stitch!

Already a cross stitch pro? Than this would be nothing new to you I think, just hop over to take your free pattern! ;)

The following topics will be discussed on the blog this week:

Part 1: Materials
Part 2: Cross stitches
Part 3: Following a pattern
Part 4: Back stitches

During this series we will work on a cute little ladybug. Just click on the image below to find the enlarged image of the pattern. I hope you follow along and enjoy your first steps in cross stitching.


So what will we need to start cross stitching?

  • To cross stitch this little lady bug we will need a piece of embroidery fabric. On aida 5.5 blocks/cm (14 count) the design will be about 7.2 x 7.2 cm (2.9x 2.9″). Make sure to take a larger piece of fabric, that will leave all options open to frame your work or use it in any crafty project.
  • Secondly we will need some yarn. For this project DMC was used in the colors black (310), cranberry pink (601) and dark mauve (3685). We will need about 1 m of black, 1 m of dark mauve and 2 m of cranberry pink.
  • And of course we will need a needle (with a blunt point)
  • and a little scissors.


Pulling a thread
Embroidery floss consists of six treads. Usually we will use two threads for cross stitches and one thread for back stitches. To pull one thread out of the floss, hold the strand between your thumb and finger (1). Take one thread and pull it all the way out (2-6). Just take one thread at the time, when you take two, the strand will tangle up.


Finding the center
Before we start we will find the center of the fabric by folding it. This way you your design will always end up in the center of the fabric. Just fold the fabric twice and you’ll have your center stitch. Most pattern will mark the center of the pattern with small arrows on the side.

When you start stitching you can start with the center stitch of the pattern, or you can count your way the the side of the pattern. I like to use this second options for small designs. With big designs I work my way out from the center.


We will start stitching the ladybug tomorrow! Yay :) Hope this was helpful so far. In the next posts we will make cross stitches, back stitches and learn to follow a pattern!

Have a lovely day,


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