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This is the second part of the cross stitch mini series! In the first part we discussed our materials so now we are ready to start cross stitching! If you missed the first post, please just check back via the links below. In this series the following topics will be discussed:

Part 1: Materials
Part 2: Cross stitches
Part 3: Following a pattern
Part 4: Back stitches

During this series we will work on a cute little ladybug. Just click on the image below to find the enlarged image of the pattern. I hope you follow along and enjoy your first steps in cross stitching.


Cross stitches
Lets thread our needles and get started! We will start by stitching the row of stitches marked in the picture below. These will be stitched in DMC cranberry pink (601). Each square in the pattern will be one cross stitch on your fabric. The little arrows in the green spots mark the center of the pattern.


This ladybug pattern is a small design, so we will count from the center of the pattern to the stitch at the bottom right. That will be 19 squares to the right and 10 down from the center of the pattern (1). You don’t have to be very precise, just about 19 and 10 stitches will do. Bring your needle from the back to the front and leave a tail at the back of the fabric (2).


Now it is time for the first stitches! I learned to cross stitch in columns up and down. This is not the only way to cross stitch, it’s just one of the options. You can also stitch from left to right, right to left or down and up ;). The following schematic drawing shows how to make four cross stitches going up and down.


Now we’ll move to our ladybug. The place where your thread comes out of the fabric at the front is the bottom left of the first cross (3). We will first make eight half crosses in one row up (3-8).



And in the same way we will make eight stitches down (9-14). When you’ve done a few stitches you will see that it’s not that hard at all!



And there they are, you have made eight nice cross stitches!

Fasten off
Now we finished our first row we can fasten of the tail at the back. At the back of the fabric you will see horizontal stitches (15). To fasten of the tail just pull it underneath the stitches (16) and cut off the end (17).


There it is, your first row of cross stitches! In our next post we will finish all of the cross stitches of the ladybug.

Hope to see you there,

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  1. Thanks for the schematic! I just taught myself how to cross stitch and didn’t realize until reading this post that you could make the stitch by putting your needle through and through! I was doing double the work by going through from front to back, then blindly trying to insert my needle from back to front!

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