Together with a lovely group of crafty bloggers we did a mystery challenge. Everybody got a theme from somebody to create something with. I love being part of this bloggers group, so many creative people with amazing blogs!

I got my theme from Jonie who runs the lovely blog Knot Sew Normal. She gave me the theme Musical instruments. A lovely theme with so many options! I couldn’t choose one instrument so I went for music notes instead. And thinking about music notes a mini quilt popped up in my head. The last few weeks I have been cross stitching quite a lot which gave the idea for a pixel quilt.

In Electric Quilt 7 I made a quick design of the quilt. What a lovely program that is! This is what the design looked like.

_music pixel quilt

Then I dived in to my fabric box and found some lovely fabrics. Picking fabrics is something I could do all day. Doesn’t it make you happy just looking at those bright colors? :)


So then a lot of cutting and piecing was happening. The mini quilt consists of a total of 676(!!) squares of 2 x 2 cm. Good thing I didn’t thought about is too much before I started! ;) I’m very happy with how it turned out.


So many little squares! It was the first project where I pressed open all the seams. I really think that helped in piecing all the squares accurate. (Well not all squares where lined up perfectly, but I only show the pretty details of course..)


The quilt top is finished, now I have to decide on how to quilt it and what color binding it should get. Any suggestions?


Hope to finish the quilt soon. Then I’ll post a tutorial on how you can make your own fun pixel quilt!

Make sure to visit the other crafty bloggers and their mystery challenge creations! I gave Jessica from The Berry Bunch the theme “Cover up” and she created an awesome dinosaur hooded towel. Would love to have one myself ;)

Mystery Challenge

Friends Stitched Together – History of Flight – 8/17

Felt with Love Designs – Under the Sea – 8/18

Knot Sew Normal – Fruit – 8/19

Friends Stitched Together – My Little Pony – 8/20

The Berry Bunch – Cover Up – 8/21

Pensebrox – Titanic – 8/22

Tangible Pursuits – London Dapper – 8/23

Rebel and Malice – Disco – 8/24

Sewing Sober – Espionage – 8/25

Sugaridoo – Musical Instruments – 8/26

Lulu and Celeste – Morpho Butterfly/Rainforest – 8/27

Paisley Roots – Classic Summer Movies – 8/28

Create 3.5 – Morocco – 8/29

Mae&K – Solar System – 8/30

The Sewing Sparrow – Safari – 8/31


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  1. Oh WOW! My version of quilting is using the absolute biggest squares I can so it takes the least amount of time possible – I commend you on your patience!! I love this take on the music theme :) Thanks for playing with us!

  2. So pretty! Love all the colours. I have a quilt I started 3 years ago that’s still not done so I’m super impressed! If it were my quilt I think I’d do the orange for the backing, I like orange :)

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