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Or maybe you landed on this page and have no idea whats going on, then check out this page first.

These are all the lessons in this series:

  • Materials: Here you can find all the materials you need to start with your first crochet lesson.
  • Lesson 1: Making your first stitches (called ‘single crochet’) in a magic loop. Really magical I promise ;)
  • Lesson 2: You will learn about eyes, making decreases, stuffing and closing your amigurumi.
  • Lesson 3: Time for tiny parts, they are fiddly, but I’m sure you can do it!
  • Lesson 4: Oval shapes, you will learn to make ‘chain stitches’ and crochet around them.
  • Lesson 5: Finally you will assemble your amigurumi like a pro.

Today it’s time for tiny pieces. I think this was the hardest part for me when I started crocheting. 4 single crochet in a magic loop doesn’t give much room to see what you are doing. Just be persistent, don’t panic, take a sip of your tea, you will get there! (If you’re like me, you will never have hot tea when crocheting because you just want to finish one more round.)

The pattern for the feet and the wings is as follows:

Feet (make two)

R1: 4sc in a magic loop          (4)
R2: {1sc, 1 x inc. } x 2            (6)
R3: {1sc, 1 x inc. } x 3            (9)
R4: {2sc, 1 x inc. } x 3           (12)

Press the foot flat. Crochet the edges together with 5 sc. Check the video for all the details. Fasten off and leave a tail to later sew the foot to the body.

Wings (make two)

R1: 4sc in a magic loop          (4)
R2: {1sc, 1 x inc. } x 2            (6)
R3: {1sc, 1 x inc. } x 3            (9)
R4: {2sc, 1 x inc. } x 3           (12)
R5: 12 sc
R6: 12 sc
R7 6 x dec.                            (6)

Close the last round and fasten off. Leave a tail to later sew the wing to the body.

When you have made two feet and two wings you are all ready for today! Did you manage to make the fiddly small pieces? It takes a bit of patience to learn doesn’t it? But you will see you will get better with every stitch.

How are you liking this crochet project so far? (Are you using as many fingers on your hook as I am? Looks a bit silly I noticed in the videos. haha!)


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