The final week of sewing penguin blocks! Only three more to go (Or four, if you’re sewing the Ella Bella version of the quilt.)

This week I’d like to also talk a little bit about applique. When you finish a penguin you can go ahead and add the appliqued eyes. 

For some of the other details, like the hat, you will need to wait until the sashing is added. 

Raw edge applique

The technique that I’m using for applique is called ‘raw edge applique’. Which basically means you cut out the applique pieces without seam allowance, stick them to your project and just stitch around the edge to keep it in place. 

There could be a little fraying after washing, hence the name raw edge. But when you stitch around the edges with a blanket stitch or a zig zag, everything will stay put and will turn out wonderful!


For this method it’s nice to use a double sided adhesive to temporarily stick your applique pieces to your block. I love to use Steam a Seam 2. 

In this weeks video I show you how I use it and why I love it so much.

Soo if you like you can start with adding applique details to your penguins. But like I mentioned before, it’s optional. Those penguins will look lovely in your quilt even without eyes or extra details!

See you next week where we assemble our quilt tops!


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  1. Hello Irene, I already tried an applique on my penguin project bag . I used another adhesive for the eyes from Freudenberg and a dense zigzag stich. Everything went fine. The dead line to enter the pic of the finished quilt top is when? Greetings, Frauke

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