Hello friends!

Great that you’re stopping by. How is your week so far?  We’re having many sunny days, looks like summer really kicked in. Yay! I’d love to share my work in progress with you.


He does look a bit sad doesn’t he? Only one eye, no mouth and no feet to do a happy dance. I found him at the back of a shelf. This little purple fellow reminded me that I have many different projects laying around. I guess most of us crafty people do, but after dusting him off a bit I realized that it would be nice to really finish the projects that I start.

So let’s start with that from now on. I would love to have some sort of overview of all the projects I’m working on. So why not share it with you? (That will probably also give me motivation to keep working on them, I can’t show you the same pics every week can I?) Here we go:


Purple and orange Droopy: Well Droopy is only the working name for now, but he is kinda droopy eyed. I’ve started a second one in orange since I didn’t write down the pattern for the purple version.

Josh the safety officer: This is Josh (and bunny Toet). I started making him in the last weeks of my office job. They had a safety campaigne going on with Josh as a cartoon version of a safety officer. He still needs some hair and a hard hat and some arms to make his life a bit safer ;)


Bunny Bo: I’m crocheting a multi colored Bunny Bo in shades of pink and turquoise. Almost all parts are finished so can shortly move on to putting her together.

Danny the Dragonfly: This one I started on our honeymoon in april. He only needs eyes, some feet and feelers. I havent decided how I want the feet to be, that’s why I’m stalling to finish him.


Sugaridoodles: These mini cuties started to show up on my Instagram. They are so fun to make! I’m planning to make a few more before I release them as a pattern. Stay tuned!



Cross Product: This is one of the two quilts I’m working on right now. It will be made out of blocks with crosses and small squares in between. I’ve done a lot of cutting already, so I’m almost ready to start putting the blocks together.

IMG_20160716_180952 IMG_20160717_212323
Sugaridoo Sampler: Ooh I’m so super excited about this quilt! I talked about it over here. I’ve made 5/57 blocks so far. Below you see my cutting process. I like to work in batches with this quilt. One day I will cut loads and loads of fabric to go with the printed pattern pieces. I stack the fabric pieces in order on top of the pattern pieces so on a next day I can sew all the blocks.


Cross stitch

To The Zoo:  For cross stitching I’m only working on one project. That is a new pattern ‘To The Zoo’. I’m still finalizing the design, as soon as that is done I will start stitching it, can’t wait!


And that’s all. Well maybe not all, probably next time there will be some extra projects I forgot to mention now :)

Thank you for visiting, have a great day.



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  1. You certainly are a busy crafter! I love all of your crochet creatures. And your paper pieced plus quilt is my fave. What a great way to make yourself accountable – by making a post of your works in progress! Thanks so much for joining us at the Let’s Bee Social this week!

    1. Aww thanks Lorna! I also like the plus quilt a lot, so simple and fun.

      I hope these posts will help me finish more projects before I start new ones ;)

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