Last Sunday I attended a local home made market in The Hague. I had some cross stitch art on display in hoop and got asked many times how I framed them. So let me share my technique for framing a cross stitch with you. I love how simple this is and the perfectly finished look it creates.


What do we need

– a finished cross stitch
– matching hoop
– white thread and needle
– piece of wool felt
– fabric glue
– pinking sheers or normal scissors

Before we start, use the inner ring of your hoop to trace a circle on the piece of felt. We will use this later on.

Let’s get started

First we prep our cross stitch for framing. I sometimes skip this step with small projects, but for larger ones I do recommend following this.

To prepare for framing you first wash you fabric. A gentle hand wash will do just fine. After washing, let it dry flat. When it is almost dry, you give it a nice press (on the back of your work) and then it’s ready to frame.

After washing, drying and pressing you center your work in a matching hoop. Make sure the outer ring sits nice and tight.


Now cut the exces fabric around the hoop. Leaving about 2.5 cm (1”) of fabric around the hoop.


Take a white thread and and needle and sew the acces fabric together. Sew crisscross from side to side to get all edges inward.


Cut the felt circle you traced before we started. You can use pinking sheers for a nice finish, but normal scissors also work fine.


Finally, put some fabric glue on the back of your work along the inner ring of the hoop. Put your pieces of felt on there and gently press it to secure it in place.


And your done! Looks pretty doesn’t it? I hope this helped you framing your cross stitch art.

Have a lovely day!

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